Replace Organized Chaos


with Precision Execution.


Real progress towards your vision takes clarity, accountability and a solid plan.
Make it happen with facilitated strategic planning.


Nothing is more frustrating than

missed targets & delayed milestones.


There is a better way to align and motivate your team. We call it your Culture Flywheel™ and it’s where strategy drives culture. Harnessing its power needs to be the priority when you find yourself thinking:

⇨ “I know everyone is working hard, but we’re not making the progress I want”

⇨ “I need to improve focus & alignment within my organization”

⇨ “There’s a gap between my vision & the results I’m getting from the team.”

Sound familiar? We can help.


You have the vision. 

We have the program.

Together, we’ll create real results.

“We’ve worked with Gavin and the Compello team for over two years now, and they have had a significant positive impact on our business.  They show-up prepared, guide you through the process and bring great insights to the table. The result has been way better execution by our team and there’s no doubt our business is stronger because of it. Their ATLAS program delivered everything they promised it would and I highly recommend Compello as a valuable partner for strategic planning.”

Dave Nolan
Studio Y Creations


Our System for Converting
Your VISION into precision EXECUTION

Our Approach

There are enough one-night-stand programs out there.
Compello is different.

The first step is an assessment that identifies where the organization’s current plan has strengths and where there are opportunities to level-up. This leads into an audit to determine what elements of a strategic plan exist already, which are due for a refresh, and where gaps exist. We then custom-tailor your ATLAS™ program to fill the gaps and guide the creation an in-depth strategic plan.

While some work will be completed by your team offline, the most significant progress is made during our highly-interactive workshops. Depending on the needs of the organization, this can range from half-day collaborative meetings in your office to multi-day offsite planning sessions.

To ensure your strategic plan gains meaningful traction, we provide follow-on support in the form of one-on-one coaching sessions for all participants. This not only creates the opportunity for personalized support and learning, it also acts as an effective accountability mechanism.

The image below illustrates a typical engagement that includes a combination of facilitated workshops and one-on-one coaching.

“The ATLAS program has been a game-changer for me and my team. An hour
into our first workshop with Gavin and I knew I had made the right decision.
Working with Compello is a must for any entrepreneur or business leader.”

Nathan Cicoria
The Lorrnel Group



Your Strategic Plan is NOT a Document

Your Business Plan vs Your Strategic Plan

5 Tips to Keep the Momentum Going


Like a collection of maps, the ATLAS™ framework

for strategic planning brings direction, clarity and

focus to organizations navigating their path forward.


Program Creator


Gavin Harrison
Facilitator for highly-
effective strategic planning


Strategic Planning runs deep in Gavin’s DNA, having grown up in a household where both parents were self-employed and entrepreneurship was a way of life.

Gavin opened his first brick-and-mortar business while still in High School. Later selling his business to start a new company in the graphics industry, which grew to have eight offices nationally, a staff of over seventy employees and provided services to some of the biggest brands in the liquor and hospitality industry. In 2010, he was named a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ by Business in Calgary Magazine.
Gavin then served as the Director of Strategic Growth at West Canadian Digital Imaging, which gave him the opportunity to grow key business units within a company with a 60+ year legacy. Most recently, Gavin lead a Calgary-based technology startup through to the lift-off stage and remains today as a strategic advisor to the organization.

As the creator of the ATLAS™ strategic planning program, Gavin has taken twenty-plus years of business experience and distilled it down to a framework of optimized for results.